About Us

Mission and Goals:

MDS is a privately held corporation in the state of California and the principal owner is John Burnett. Our office locations are Tustin as well as Los Angeles, California. The company was established in June 2003 with the sole purpose of developing a vehicle in which spent fluorescent lamps and batteries could be diverted from landfills.

After several months of discovery and research, we concluded that small businesses, as well as households, were unaware that the spent lamps and batteries that they were discarding contained toxic elements such as mercury. It then became our goal to develop an awareness system that would also act as a transportation device and a containment system in the event of accidental breakage.

Ultimately, the MDS bag was developed to meet the criteria outlined above.
The bright orange bag measures approximately 3.5” wide and is available in lengths that would accommodate linear lamps up to eight feet as well as bags that would house “CFL’S and “U” shapes. The bag construction is a mixture of polymers that is not only 100% puncture-proof but exhibits suitable resistance for containment. The system also utilizes a tape closure at its opening to ensure a permanent seal.

Our goal is to develop a consumer awareness device that would become synonymous with lamp and battery recycling. This, we feel, could be accomplished by utilizing contacts into the recycling industry as well as consumer awareness programs that would include several types of media i.e.; public broadcasting, press releases, private and state announcements.

Our studies indicate that approximately three million lamps and many more batteries are disposed of in landfills per day. Our current objective is directed at the reduction of at least 10% of these discarded items are from small generators. over a period of the next twelve to sixteen months through proper education and management.

Thank You for your participation in our program.